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Resident Artist

Profile of the Artist

Grainne Roche was born in Wexford, Ireland on 16th May 1973; she studied Fine Art Painting at Limerick College of Art and Design and qualified in 1992. Grainne later qualified as an Art Teacher and is currently teaching Art in St. Andrew’s School, Woking & founder of Woking Arts Work.

Grainne is our resident artist at Papercourt Studio. Her work reflects her interest in landscape. She  paints a variety of subject matter, from bustling streets scenes, to childhood memories of days at the beach, using dynamic line and colour. She produces paintings that synthesise the many elements of a place. Her work is energetic, yet retains detail and clarity, using layering techniques to heavily build up a level of complexity of surface. Grainne’s paintings are raw and atmospheric, she looks at things without the necessity of making sense of them, and tries to paint through the subject, as to what it was that drew and attached her to it. Heavily layered acrylics are scraped back, and overlaid with more bright pigment to produce deeply textured surfaces of broken colour. The texture looks weathered, fraught and worn, the effect created, dream-like and nostalgic. Grainne is a member of Woking Arts Society. Her work is on sale through her website and at The Wey Gallery, Godalming

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Grainne Roche Fine Artist

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