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Therapeutic Art Days

Explore the Therapeutic Value of Art









Course Tariff from £80 (activity dependent)



Therapeutic Art Days



Further Details:

Mindful Art' is a type of therapeutic technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster mental well-being. Art is also known as an expressive therapy, it can be used as a means of communication and allows people to express and explore their thoughts and emotions.
In our Therapeutic Art Days we explore a range of themes and genres, with a focus on combating stress. You will feel confident within your own artist journey and gain a better understanding of art and yourself.

Our tutors will guide groups through the process of collaborative projects from scrapbooking art journals to canvas painting, to painting outdoors, with no art talent or experience needed.
Workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of individual groups from Social Gatherings to Recovery Groups; Corporate Bonding to Teacher Inservice Training and can also include extra activities and guest speakers.

Catered Lunch Drinks & Nibbles inc
Outdoor Painting Days ( Pub Lunch-Not inc)
Group size 10



Booking Instructions:

Please Contact Us for more details.



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